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I, genius, am (100 delusions)

genius am I, am I a genius—I am, a genius I am a genius, am I a genius—I am, a genius am I a genius—I am —a genius—I am, a genius—truly, I am a genius—really, I am—a genius I am, am a genius am I a genius, I am I am I am! A genius I am a genius, I am, am I, a genius—I am, truly, I am, a genius, really, I am am am a genius, unruly, I am genius, unconventionally, I am genius, uncommonly, exceptionally am—I am—genius.

The Gnostic

“Are you a genius?"
“i am.”
“How can you tell?”
there are those who are astute enough
to assess and recognize their own genius
either readily or over time (sooner or later).
other wise,
most others depend on the opinions of others
to peer into the depth of their wit.
thus, it is then, that comprehension
is utterly irrelevant
because it is only a pretense of understanding.

and profound truth and the most subjective reality
are always firsthand."

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