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About the Author
"l.m" is and has been Director of Marketing Strategy and Communications for the information technology department of a Fortune 100 financial services company in New York City since 1999. Prior to working in IT, he worked in the field of international affairs and research and development of IT and telecommunication executive business conferences. His career has involved working directly with hundreds of diplomatic and academic luminaries, as well as executives from Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies.

In 1994 he graduated from Columbia University with a Masters of International Affairs concentrating on international public law and human rights. He completed coursework for the graduate studies program in Political Science at San Jose State University prior to moving to New York in 1992. In 1989 he earned a BA in international cultural studies from UCLA where his study focused on cultural anthropology, as well as world religion, folklore and mythology. He also has long been a lover of languages and has formally studied Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese and ASL (American Sign Language).

His current interests include the discourse concerning genius, creativity, leadership, excellence and eccentricity. He is also an avid reader of current literature in the fields of genetics, physics, astronomy, psychology and zoology.

In addition to the lost man chronicles, l.m has been writing essays, verse and other non-fiction for over 15 years. Work which he has not sought publication for includes:

Over 400 chronicles, divided into five volumes including:
Book I, The Art of Living; Book II, The Art of Love; Book III, The Art of Intimacy; Book IV, The Art of The Word; and Book V, Life as Art.

Agape, a 400 page book written as a gift to a woman he once maintained a year long correspondence of (paper) love letters with as they lived a country apart.

The Age of Innocence: A Guide to American Adult Pop-Culture, 1946-1964. A 100 page encyclopedic manuscript which examines the significant facts and leading figures in the areas of fashion, design, literature, comedy, television, music, etiquette, and film.

A Letter to a Muse, a collection of 222 poems written and illustrated by the author who have written over 1,000 poems over the last 15 years.

Extensive personal journals on 9.11 and the creative proces.

l.m is seeking representation, as well as publication of the lost man chronicles.

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fax/voicemail: 413-215-6698
New York, NY 10010

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