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The Business of Publishing

Ah, the business of writing.

The Lost Man is often delusional about many things, but he has few delusions, if any, about what it takes to successfully take a product to market.

With over 1.5 million titles in print (currently available in the U.S.), about 120,000 titles published annually in the States alone, and reportedly more than 70,000 self-published books over the last two years, one needs a little more than luck and the prick of the writer's ego to sell a book these days.

And thus, as much pride as he might take in his art, he accepts that the smart thing to do is to make money first, before worrying about the critical reviews.

Hence, to that effect, following is a synopsis of the author's qualifications in this endeavor.

The Top 10 Reasons Why The Lost Man Will Succeed

10. The author has 20 years of experience in the business of marketing, advertising, public relations, and communications. beginning with his internship at an LA PR firm, the lost man has pursued this passion for pandering to the masses by becoming a 21 year marketing and sales director of a publishing company overseeing the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduate school in NYC he became the director of programs, as well associate director of development for the nation's oldest international relations educational institution. Thereafter, he has served at as director of research and development of corporate executive conferences in the IT and telecommunications sector for a private global conglomerate. And most recently, he is serving time as the director of communications and marketing strategy for the IT department of 1,000+ employees at the worldwide headquarters of a local fortune 100 financial services company.

09. Most of the major commercial endeavors under his auspices have broken both sales and attendance records at the last four companies he has worked for.

08. The author is not averse to risk. Combined with his existentially honed-intuition, he has innovatively positioned and successfully pitched many an idea, plan and final product to great acclaim. He's not ashamed to proclaim, "It's true, you CAN sell anything."

07. The Lost Man embraces the principle of milking the most out of limited resources. A notorious stickler for detail, his business initiatives have been micro-managed under-budget, ahead-of-schedule and usually with the end-result of exceeding projected profit margins.

06. The author is a technological communications whiz. Educated in Silicon Valley, where he learned basic programming in middle school, long before the MAC was even invented, l.m has been a strong believer and advocate of taking advantage of the tools of the electronic age. Fluent in several design and office applications, he also codes in HTML and has produced and maintain several websites including:

05. Although the marketing plan here within proposes anonymity be the cornerstone of the marketing campaign for the lost man chronicles, the author fully understands the importance that personality has typically played in the book market. Celebrity, regardless of quality, can practically sell everything. hence, since he is a lugubriously gregarious, an experienced and engaging speaker and bred to be a salesman, he would readily concede to selling his soul if need be, in order to take this show on the road.

04. The Lost Man is a professional team player and leader who has served and been part of volunteer committees, corporate boards, and executive teams. His publisher-to-be should readily expect his full cooperation with meeting deadlines, publicity, the press, and contract and subsidiary rights negotiations.

03. He's an avid storyteller, will lie down and bend the truth to amuse you, and can leap over a tall tale with a single long-winded tangent of an anecdote.

02. His father instilled a fastidious work ethic in him by obligating to work for the family business beginning at the nubile age of seven. His father also passed on a mantra which has guided the lost man throughout life and his career—"Use Your Imagination."

01. Alas, to his utter hypergraphic frustration, he is also uncertifiably a literary genius whose time has come. The wisest will move expediently to exploit him.

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