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Last night I experienced a splendid phenomena and realized, or rather confirmed, that I have microscopic vision.

You might think that I am joking to get your attention, or being facetious, but actually, I am quite delirious by this very-real discovery.

You see, I am severely myopic. And I have come to perceive the probability that my short-sidedness in effect is a superhuman extension of normal vision which allows me to see things (really) up close, so that I see things which are usually only seen by the unnaked eye.

My microvision lets me see multiple organisms and particles as they dance upon the lens on my eye, especially when I look directly into the blur of a ball of light emanating from afar.

For many years, since I was a child, I have been aware of one level of this uber-ability, which has allowed me to see translucent and curvilinear strings of seemingly inanimate particles which move like holograms dangled right before me, and whose movement is inexorably associated with that of my eyes.

That said, last night I saw something even more spectacular, as it allowed me to look deeper into the unknown.

What I saw framed within the scope of this ball of light shooting at me from the street, was a constant train of particle movement not chained to ocular muscle movement. In fact, I had a little trouble maintaining the sight of this frantic world of whatever it was, because it required an intense focus and aperture which my dreary eyes could no sustain at 2 AM. However, it was clear to me then and now that the exhausting effort was well worth the suffering, for I felt as if I were looking in upon life in the making itself, or at least some secret which only few can view.

There were multi-faceted swirls within swirls, most of which were running parallel and were partitioned into well-proportioned segments. There were fragments of the disproportionate however that seemed to direct traffic by standing stubbornly as obstacles which everything else swooned about.

I suppose it is easy for any normal person to conclude I was imagining this fantastic journey through the twilight, but I am certain I was not, and that I have realized an insight that is new and quite amazing, one which I am excited about blazing a trial upon.

Epilogue: I suspect my microvision cannot be achieved by simply looking into just any light. Based on my inaugural experience, I suspect that it must be a point of light surrounded by darkness. Could it be that I was watching something on both the inside, as well as the inside of my eye lens? Perhaps, as with the back of a mirror, the reflection of light upon the outside of my lens allows me to see what occurs between this reflection and the surface of my lens, whereas in the past, what I saw was limited to what was happening on the inside. Or perhaps I have it all reversed.

Either way, I am now cursed with this blessing and know I will be compelled to understand it better.

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