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be your own myth .34

Embellish your life a little, just for fun. Lie even, if only to amuse yourself. Be delusional, divine and devilish, as long as what ever you pursue does not harm, hurt and most importantly, makes you happy. Just don't deceive your self and others irretractably, irreparably, or for what seems to others—to no end. And don't be afraid to offend, because too many already easily are (offended) for no good reason at all.

Ornament your past, present and future with stories that are all but true, especially if they regale how you dared believe in a dream, and pursued it till you made it possible.

Be subtle, mysterious and never absolutely you, embracing the idea that change is the only everlasting truth. Maintain your youth by keeping secrets, revealing what is necessary, divulging just enough to continue the intrigue. Let them think they know everything (about you), and then surprise them with a pinch in the ass. Occasionally, overturn all that they have presumed.

Listen to what the crowd is saying and them repeat it all to them eloquently and aloud; learn to speak what is universal, and your soul will survive your mortal shell.

"First you become receptive and then you become creative.
And once you have dropped your ego you become
so flexible that whatsoever you imagine will happen.
Then your imagination will become your reality."
~ Creativity, Unleashing The Forces Within, osho

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