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Friday, April 7, 2006

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Beholding the Beauty

I'm returning to my roots with this newest set of photos.

Lately, I've slowed down for a number of reasons: a wonderful trip to Puerto Rico, crunch-time at work, and a time-consuming life transition. Hence, I've been processing and posting photos primarily from the archives and curbing my enthusiasm in order to catch up with myself.

Alas, there is something about being on the streets of New York that grabs me and pulls me under and into its hellbent throe. Everyday that I walk to and fro from work I'm mesmerized by all the splendor that surrounds me.

So, as I edited this latest batch, admittedly I got a little sentimental. Hence, the spew of emotion manifested by the titles of these photos. For I truly am grateful and blessed to be here in New York City.

Moreover, I am incredibly fortunate to have realized my love of photography, and to have been in the right place during a trying time in my life where the twain met, and significantly changed the direction of my creative energy as a result.

Thank you God, thank you New York City and all the colorful people that traverse its streets, thank you flickr & friends, thank you family, thank you Feyza, thank you life. I am wholly thankful for all this and all the bliss that I experience as a result of beholding the beauty.


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