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bad never felt so good

for the unprepared, difficult conditions can surely make life seem miserable.

however, for those who do not rely on luck, who do not believe circumstance to be the delimiting charter of destiny, and who unrelentingly prepare, the trials and errors of life are merely a matter of attitude, they are merely the natural tides of sailing that every good captain accepts she must courageously navigate through.

that said, it's still pretty shitty out there: slippery roads, slipperier sidewalks, cold mush-puddles of wet snow, the falling unforgiving drizzle. all of it combined, inclined to make those hustling to work slightly irritable.

and any avid reader of the chronicles knows, that following my ego, my greatest irking-adversary is the weather.

which is why i feel pretty lucky today, because i came prepared: i've got my light and rugged, pullover jacket with the plush cushioned collar on, hiking boots, my snug shoreman's cap, ultra-thin nylon sweat pants atop my worn-in khakis, and my soft leather gloves with fleece lining.

and so, actually, honestly, i felt quite comfortable this morning slushing and sliding along my chilly and soggy promenade this morning—and, you know what? it even felt kind of fun.

bad weather never felt so good.

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