the lost man chronicles
71. back then when

At 5:30 AM I stepped out and looked skyward to see the most beautiful morning-night sky I have ever seen in over a year. I could see several constellations more clearly than ever before. I could not help but see, think and perceive that the stars were aligned positively.

I walked a block alone to the bus stop under this splendor of starlight. It was not only serenely silent, for the crickets and sparrows had apparently already headed south, but I FELT as if it was the first day for the crisp and clean air which is so particular to autumn.

The ionic breeze was not only naturally invigorating, but also charged me with memories of when I first fell in love with New York, immediately after moving here to this grand metropolis for graduate school back in the Fall of '92.

My heart felt nostalgic flashes of the electromagnetic energy which had carried me across the campus back then, back then when everything was still so incredibly vibrant, brilliant and new.

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