the lost man chronicles
13. a wonderful life

i have a great life, one defined primarily by disposition, action and the will to live extra ordinarily. ordinarily, most of my life is beholden to trite gesture of sublimation with imitations of everyone else around me, so that they might see themselves and feel secure in this harmless reflection of homogeneity. but occasionally, under the guise of obscurity, i covertly operate and delineate a different destiny (for myself and any crazy cohort), a fate that the masses would never scheme of entertaining.

no, they cannot dream of being anyone other than everyone else, lest they risk being original, odd (a feeble reaction based on shame, embarrassment, insecurity, which all work to put one back into their "proper" place) or perceived as "different." a difference which i realized long ago is key to provincial bliss, to tranquil and extra ordinary happiness, joy which is only subject to individual whim, the pursuit of sin and utter idiosyncrasy.

so, you can sit around and mumble, grumble, and mope, sadly conjure a life less fortunate than other folk, or you can join me as a partner in the pursuit of the sublime, and in the pockets of time we create at will, submerging ourselves in moments of splendor, tender and tantalizing, titillating and appetizing, serene and delectably salacious, lecherous and still—quite naturally wholesome—rejuvenating, reinvigorating, replenishing all that others will diligently work to suppress—lest, we rebel and express ourselves with droll wit, a vertigo of optimism and positive verisimilitude (a state of truth which is constantly evolving), the personal velocity of which unweaves the social fabric of complacency and comfort.

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