the lost man chronicles
19. ask for nothing at all

Failure falls upon those who ask for too much
I ask for nothing at all.

they say nothing ventured, nothing gained
and i have ventured much
much time, much effort
and as time but erases itself
as it passes, and effort
made there within
becomes itself a relic
i have lost nothing
to the present, nor to the best
of all possible futures.

And as we are children of
other people's impossible
do we not owe ourselves
to all that is plausible on our own?

for on our own,
we are not alone,
but with each other
and if you move but one
letter of our —own— before the other
it is clear that we have won.

"and so I ask you to read this again, this time asking yourself,
'why begin with failure, if you can end with won?'"

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