the lost man chronicles
around the mountain, here she comes .92

Argon is sparked by electrons and ions, and suddenly a fire starts in the middle of a universe. A sphere of nitrogen mixes with oxygen and cools into a pool. Hydrogen drops out of nowhere, magma heats the mixture, a star shines a touch of light and out of this alchemy something magical begins. Eventually all the earth is dyed with carbon, as birth and death accept one another and settle into the cycle of life. Igneous blends with the sedimentary and is pressed into the metamorphic. Everything continues to change incessantly as such for billions of years.

All grains of sand begin and end as mountains. And their life is akin to our own. At the apex of a granule's youth she will stand proud and rise to rest upon a pinnacle. Surrounded and inspired by pure energy, air and light, the greatest storms will not frighten her and she will welcome what is unknown whilst bracing the cold in the darkness of the night. She will revel in the radiance of stars, unfettered by the dull glare of the weathered perspective of others gloating in the valley of middle life below.

Alas, eventually fate will turn the wheel and the weight of such woes will steal away her verve. As she begins to tumble, she will begin to worry, suddenly realizing that she is now at the top of a descent. Fear may be abetted as the earth tears apart her foundation and attempts to swallow her. The winds will scream mercilessly and ultimately the stalwart monument she once was will begin to crumble asunder. Thunder, lightning, ceaseless showers of sleet and snow, all will grow more frightening as she begins to see her fate as they lie written in the sands.

It is then that she will either dread being swept away into the obscure depths of the abyss, or come to an understanding and accept her part in this, the cycle of creation. And should she choose the latter, in the wake of this sublime contemplation, she may become part of the sparkling allure of the shore. And thus once more, begin anew her marvelous climb up the mountain.

"…all you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation." ~ The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo

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