the lost man chronicles
a rich man's dream .40

fantasy is but the poor man's dream,
for a rich man believes anything is possible.

"use your imagination." this is perhaps the most invaluable lesson my father ever taught me. for decades he has had these three words posted high on the wall of his factories for all his employees to see. and most importantly, to inspire them to envision and manifest what others think impossible.

i sincerely could not wish to inherit anything more but this gift—the ability to apply thrift to create treasure, and in the most leisurely fashion, labor with one's wit to figure out how to make the most fantastic ideas fruition into something splendid and true.

"just imagine" has proven the elixir and problem-fixer time after time. this is also the key to experiencing what is somatically sublime, as well as the catalyst to everything that is organically and ethereally bliss.

those who fear to dream and act upon their wishes, will never know all the potential of the feral mind. capitulation of the status quo all but maintains the woes of the poor souls who rely on fantasy, those who are inevitably doomed to merely survive, instead of live and thrive like those who use their imagination.

"Imagination is one faculty you have that comes closest to god. God must have a great imagination, mm?—just look at his world. Just to think!—such an imaginative world, with so many butterflies and so many trees and so many rivers, and so many people. Just think about his imagination! With so many stars, and so many worlds—worlds beyond worlds, nonending…
He must be a great dreamer."
~ Creativity, Unleashing The Forces Within, osho

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