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an ingenium in us all

There is an ingenium within us all.

The problem is that most of us are too unmotivated to discover and nurture that natural source of creativity and understanding. Thus, “genius” remains a misunderstood misnomer, misapplied to a select few who have “sacrificed” a common life at the behest of inspiration that is both internal, ever-pressing, as well as extraordinary.

In order for each individual to tap their fullest potential they must be able to focus on that which compels them to forfeit leisure, convenience, complacency, comfort, the serenity of relative anonymity, and the safe harbor of seeming “normal.”

One must be willing, patient and tolerant of others enough to survive and thrive under the duress of being widely misunderstood.

Alas, most of us prefer to huddle quietly within the safety of inconspicuously meeting the expectations of others. Why seek to be wholly oneself, if it should mean having to deal with the trouble of troubling others? Especially when it is so much easier to sit at home and watch TV.

There is an ingenium within us all.

Alas, the world is an easier place to live in when most of us do not bother to discover it.

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