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a lot more awe

at one time I was certain that i wanted to be a Philosopher-King. oh, i pondered and pounded on my chest, thinkingóbelieving, I could formulate the laws to align the greed of one with the good for all.

alas, the aspirations of the ego were not suited to appease the moral majority, because at last I realized the greater i in me preferred to run about naked and free of the supplicating pretensions requisite of all political aspirants.

thus, enlightened, i no longer aspire to jump into the bonfire of the vanities.

no, no, governance is no longer for me. if anything, i've realized that my destiny lies in inspiring others to govern themselves.

for within each of us lies the root of all evil.

and some of our greatest problems can be rectified simply by a simplified attitude, a lightened disposition, or a repositioned perspective which suddenly sees everything with a greater grain of salt, a little more gratitude and a lot more awe.

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