the lost man chronicles
alone .06

everyone should take time to be alone. and not simply to sleep or masturbate, but most importantly to contemplate and recuperate on our own. time awake by ourselves is as important to rejuvenation as when we close our eyes for the night. in reality most of the day is a plight of wasted energy on others, so it is only during these lonelier times that the truer work can get done, for only then can one think for herself and not for everyone else that demands her time, energy and an expense of mental health which cumulatively we employ to play the various roles in the realm of our social lives.

this is why when we can close up inside and hide to shut out everyone and everything not essential to our selves, we have the grand opportunity to focus, to hone in on what is most important to successful living, and ultimately, making others happy because we are equally so.

for to know, love, and serve others well, one must know, love and serve one self better.

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