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A Life Well Spent

A (good) will should be a (strong) will.

For a legacy is far greater inheritance than any anchoring, time-ridden nuisance, any nauseating horde of material possession could ever be.

The will to want to be, the inspiration, the motivation, the model for living and what can be done, this is the one trove of wealth one should strive to achieve and leave behind.

It is the enrichment of the mind—not property, realty and money—luxuries that ultimately just become more to manage and worry about and fight over. Wisdom, truth, glory; tomes of prose and verse; proven verve, vim and mettle; all the fantastic stories behind the medals; and the ardent belief that such splendid potential has been inherited and lies within, that one indeed comes from a line of lions!—these are the greatest things one can impart in the wake of a life well spent.

“I would rather make my name than inherit it.”
~ William Makepeace Thackeray

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