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punching holes

i put another notch in my belt this morning—whittled away a hole with the blade on my money clip.

i got tired of manually pleating the waist of my pants every five minutes, and finally decided a tighter belt would hold the fold.

having trimmed down enough so that all my suit pants are now two sizes too big, i’ve been putting off making the investment in some new threads until Fall, just to ensure that its not all a fluke.

it’s amazing how eating well and a lot less, at least just enough to satiate the hunger, expediently readjusts the body to befit a more organic and elementary diet and lifestyle.

mainly this has meant, expunging the bread and extraneous sugars, and eating lots more lean meats, fruits and raw vegetables—pretty much what we learned back in grade school, but which this gluttonous american life quickly erodes by encouraging a grotesque joi de manger.

for walking the streets of manhattan today is like walking the gingerbread path of candy land. it’s virtually impossible to walk anywhere and not be pulled in by window displays of sweet temptation and high-fat carbs (so-called health bars; light and airy krispy kreme “plain” donuts; a lot-of-fat yogurt carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting…a toasted, buttered sesame bagel sprinkled generously with cinnamon sugar—yum!), add to that—slices and ice and lattés on ice, and rows and shelves of everything nice, and you’ve got yourself a regular fat fest!

and so, it ends up being quite amusing to realize that it actually requires much more mental effort to buy from a fruit stand than it does to purchase a little something upon a whim while waiting at the check-out counter.

granted, i exercise as well, but i’m not a workout workhorse. i’ve learned as you get older and more obligated that it is best to adopt a regimen that accommodates all circumstances, for there won’t always be a gym to go to and you often may not have the “right” shoes.

hence, half of the time i usually stretch barefoot and bare clad, glad to indulge in a free form of early morning movement that freely mixes tai-chi, yoga, calisthenics, and dance. add some light weights on occasion, and you’ve got yourself a simple means of keeping fit for life. no books, no videos, no asian-influenced fusion of fancy-names, no one shouting in your ear— just the basic commitment to keep it moving.

thus, the kinesthetic laissez-faire and the disciplined fare of nourriture have daily and dually duly worked to achieve fair results. hence, i’m happy to be punching holes in my clothes, especially since i’m but one size away from 15 years ago and being 21 again.

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