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It is not unfortunate to use another’s words to express oneself, as long recognition of the other is duly relayed. It is only unfortunate when the mind becomes staid and unwilling to learn and explore and experience and be inspired by the experience of others.

For there is an inherent beauty in using others’ words, especially if we vicariously earn more insight, express ourselves more fully, gain existential know-how and take part in the reverential illumination that alights us and guides us forward into the light.

Deferentially, I will borrow the gist of another’s words: I am less afraid of the inevitable certainty of death, than the daily uncertainty that I am in fact living.

If anything, I owe my dedication to this principle to all who have come before me and all that have yet to come, for one is blessed if she understands we are all but One, especially if she wants distinguish herself from all the others.

Acknowledging and accepting that there is a synergy that pervades and intertwines us all, one learns to fall gracefully, knowing that one must continually make an effort regardless of failure, because the face of the self is but a reflection of that greater Self that is composed of all others.

It is but human to err—and divine to lift ourselves as individuals above what is inevitable and universal truth.

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