book ten: aging

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Following are musings and verse on the blessed curse of age and the evolving wisdom gained therein.

The Seven Stages of Man

The Signs
01. the lonely grey soldier
02. to glean upon the gleam
03. decades (the age that is becoming of us)
03b. But A Number

Staying Young: Fortitude and Attitude
04. Age is but a number
07. Today my way
08. the real superman is dead (to be an average, aging man)
09. age matters—youth invigors as much as it withers
10. Stubble Trouble
11. the innocence of four
12. punching holes
13. a soft belly

The Follies
14. Time Keeps on Slipping
15. Aging and Anonymity
16. Snooze, the sleepy muse
17. flaying the flavedo
18. on the edge

19. oh, my heart! holy medulla! (ode two organs)
20. Ill inclination
21. Enduring, endearing
22. Miss Mobility
23. narcissus laments his aging hedonism

The Inevitable
24. Eventually
25. assassinating wanton love
26. Vestiges of Youth
27. Dying alive
28. The ultimate elixir
29. being One

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