book fifteen:
ms. chief and miss adventures

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Following are musings and tales which regale misadventure and mischief.

01. A Courtly Intrigue
02. a soft spoken lament of obligation
03. the conversationalists (the invisible man chronicles)
04. the conversationalists, part two
05. communing with the humane: doing the thing you fear
06. Let me tell you brother…
07. Giving a damned Yankee his due
08. love as eternal (funny boy talking)

Captain Black
09. Captain Black Does Yoga
10. What Women Want
11. Captain Black Under Attack

Cavorting, Cohorting and Miscellany MisAdventure
12. another great day and an ideal husband
13. a gay day indeed (waiting for me)
14. a thoroughly exhausting Thursday
15. inside looking in
16. little bites of corndogs
17. true grit
18. dos flores
19. the riling spirit
20. (little) blinking red lights at midnight
21. the air swells blue smoke
22. the lush y la luna (to eat to live)

23. trippin’ with the benzo: don’t be a clown—man!
24. Urgent! (Oliver’s Aberrations of Time and Movement)
25. erasing it (the essay)
26. erasin’ it (the poem)
27. So, I ‘ad a bit of erbal remedy, and I’m a lil’ bit ratted, so me peeps is wrecked—a’ight?!
28. A Trove of Confessions (about Mary Jane)

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ms. chief and miss adventures

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