the lost man chronicles
05. adjusting accordingly

Impatience is inevitable and inherent to growth. As we mature, age and accumulate, the responsibility of everything we have purposefully and inadvertently connected to, begins to amass so that it places greater demands on time, space, sanity, and the desire to be otherwise free. Patience follows suit and begins to wear thin as we try to foolishly accomplish everything on par with each other. And this is where error, mishaps, accidents, awkward and clumsy behavior come into play. Anything close to perfection cannot be achieved this way.

As a result, our expectations are distorted, unreasonable, disproportionate and out of sync with others and the mediating circumstances. As impatience grows, so does one's woes.

Thus, it is best to occasionally regain composure by closing oneself off to everything, if merely for a moment. In this capsule of serenity slowly contemplate and organize your circumstances with the objective of aligning your perspective with the respective variables that govern the situation.

Ask yourself "Am I expecting too much?," "Is my frustration due to them or my selfish objectives?," "Can I and her or him or they be happier if I adjust my expectations accordingly?," "Can I ask for less in life to achieve peace and the bliss of fulfilling the passions of my innate purpose?"

If anything, simply try to remember that friction between two is caused merely because you and the other are going in opposite directions. Further debating the issue(s) without taking time to acknowledge this simple cause of contention will likely only lead to the grating of the soul. And once you've scratched through the surface, the harder reconciliation and recovery becomes.

When we stop to ponder why we argue, we realize that objectively he or she is usually no worse or better than you, and that their personal intentions and predilections are as selfish as your own. Should you be willing to sacrifice the frivolous desires of the ego, you might be able to avoid wasting precious time in the wearying, wary, and woeful process that is contention by either simply expecting less or turning yourself about in their direction.

Ultimately, it is easier to get to where YOU have realized is most important if you can release some of the drag upon your momentum. Let go of unnecessary weight before destiny closes the gates on your greatest desire. Don't tire yourself out by fighting against the frivolous needs of others. For in the end, you may have to leave them behind anyway. Free yourself by accommodating all those who presently wish to run haplessly about on the ground, so that you may fly to where you are fated to go.

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