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Friday, November 25, 2005

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a brazen dusk of beauty

i found this little abandoned shack half a block away from the entrance of the Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta's oldest graveyard, when i was there in August.

i immediately fell in love with all the colors and textures it offered and began shooting away as fast as i could, for dusk was about close its eyes and this lovely belle of the South was about to begin her somnolent descent into the twilight.

if the sun hadn't suddenly become so sleepy, surely i would have taken a lot more photos, for even with a nudge here and a lean there, i felt that each picture was a whole new foto for me, for i have always found it difficult to restrain myself before beauty. i hope she doesn't mind too much that i so brazely took advantage of her...

i could not help but imagine how exquisite it would be to turn this beautiful little house into a home again. it seemed like such a shame that anyone had been forced to leave the warm and radiant hearth of such an architectural gem.

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