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the light at the end of the tunnel

twenty miles out from Manhattan i could see all of the City covered in clouds. about half way between my vantage point and the Hudson there was a wide gap in the sky where distinct rays of sunlight broke through, forming majestic columns that ornamented the horizon and graced the ground. the combined visual splendor of the City's grey silhouette against this awesome display of God's light was magnificent.

once again, on a drab Monday morning, i was in awe. two years ago, when i began this commute, i would have never have guessed that i would be so blessed with the wonderful purview i have so many mornings. admittedly, back then i dreaded the ride, the hassle and going through the tunnel of death twice a day.

two years after 9.11 i still feel some fear on some days, but the awesome view of the metropolis i am privy to at twenty miles out and parallel to the Hudson often move me to forget—if only, for the necessary moment to pull me through to the other side.

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