book eleven:
a brave new world

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Following are musings and verse concerning the world after 9.11.

00. 9.11, meaning enough to ponder
01. Autumn looming
02. post 9.11 guilt (time is limited)
03. Let this be a day of remembrance
04. rent a musical, 9.20.2001
05. I cry a little more, 9/28/01


06. the light at the end of the tunnel
07. Now and then
08. The bell tellstion
09. Tunnel phobia
10. The vulnearable I
11. Tunnel worm
12. Looming up over September
13. Good news

14. The forecast

15. Ignorance is not bliss
16. i suppose, i should be grateful
17. to laugh in retrospect
18. Back to Normalcy, Alas (Thursday, August 26, 2004)
19. just another morning (one more time)
20. boom! could be anyone
21. every living moment (under siege)
22. nothing but my timorous imagination
23. Stealing Memories
24. Autumn Looming


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