100 NY Stories (High)
book sixteen

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100 New York Stories (High)
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00. A Calculating Perspective
01. a gay day indeed (waiting for me)
02. a half-fool hardy morning
03. a little lovin’
04. A Passage Into Paradise
05. A Sensational 60 Seconds
06. a tough one
07. A Minute Differential
08. a strange comfort
09. a thoroughly exhausting Thursday
10. Adventure to Roosevelt Island
11. Afraid of My Self
12. Aging and Anonymity
13. All Tuned Out
14. Autumn Looming
15. Back to Normalcy, Alas (Thursday, August 26, 2004)
16. bad never felt so good
17. Busted!
18. But A Number
19. cheap glee
20. Hobo Dreams (choosing to leave)
21. Curry in a Hurry ‘Round Midnight
22. cut it out!
23. deep whiffs of my fingers
24. discussing aesthetic myopia and being blinded by values?
25. Doctor, Doctor
26. dos flores
27. Enzo en Bleu
28. every living moment (under siege)
29. Fade to Black
30. finding my center
31. flaying the flavedo
32. flowers are prettier
33. funny boy talkin'
34. God Loves Georgia
35. grey skies, never again
36. how fragile, these little souls
37. How meek I really am
38. I Love Music
39. I Ride My Bicycle
40. i suppose, i should be grateful
41. Ignorance is not bliss
42. inside looking in
43. it has barely begun
44. just a man and the sassy Moon
45. just another morning
46. let her be
47. Let Him Be
48. Let me tell you brother…
49. Lubricious Loser Am I
50. Martha's Curse
51. Metrosexuals Unite!
52. nothing but my timorous imagination
53. Ode to a Bin
54. oh, i wish i were a hibernating human
55. one giant tree of a million branches
56. preying after midnight
57. REMless
58. Risky Business
59. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
60. Smarter
61. Somewhere in Jersey
62. Stubble Trouble
63. Stupid People Tricks
64. Subway Dreams
65. that divine dark lump of brown sludge
66. the amber glow (of this cosmopolitan life)
67. the belle of Spring
68. the chatoyant charm of baubles and bangles
69. the flower that fixed her
70. the good news, within us all
71. The Long Way Home
72. the lush y la luna
73. The Most Beautiful Day of The Year
74. The One-Man Show of Way-Off Broadway
75. the riling spirit
76. the spoils of our lives (existentially, a happy man)
77. The Sultry Swoon of Summer
78. the sun inside (of us)
79. the sun will rise
80. the whetting strokes of a cold wet glass (keeping ennui company)
81. Thinking sdrawkcaB
82. This Is My God
83. This Last Winter Morning
84. to laugh in retrospect
85. top-of-the-morning thoughts
86. trippin’ with the benzo: don’t be a clown—man!
87. true grit
88. Under Suspicion
89. Urgent! (Oliver’s Aberrations of Time and Movement)
90. Waking the Walking Dead
91. WAN conundrums
92. Water Guns! Water Fun!
93. What Is Most Appealing
94. where i must go
95. Windows of Color (on a Tuesday Afternoon)
96. Who's That...Lady?
97. Words That Last
98. You Should Be Dancin'...Yeah
99. Zie End?

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