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Currently, I am reading a short biography on Leonardo da Vinci. The author, Frank Zollner, contends that the quintessential renaissance man was perhaps the one person who had reached his fullest potential as both a creative genius and as a person thriving toward self fulfillment.

And perhaps, by achieving fullest potential he did not become a better person than any other men, but simply the best individual he could be – just as we all have the potential to be more than we are normally limited to being.

The movie What the Bleep Do We Know? Does a wonderful job exploring the subject of being in control of one self and one’s life—who we are, who we are becoming, our individual realities, as well as the fate which determines everything else that happens around us.

In a snapshot, the movie explores the idea that “what we think is not only what we are” but that our thoughts themselves manifest everything around us, because unless we perceive something it does not exist in our realm of reality. Furthermore, it was contended that our thinking actually alters us biologically over time, and that ultimately it also affects the environment and everyone we interact with.

The film’s premise essentially reinforces several age-old adages including: we are what we think, we are in control of our destiny, there is great power in positive thinking, and that when we limit ourselves by attempting to pigeon-hole our personas into one single identity, we end up limiting our true potential as ever-evolving beings.

Along those same lines, the film also contends that by pursuing certain intangibles like ideals, ideas and values, we are ultimately stifling our evolutionary potential by striving for what is truly unascertainable—love being one common example. Not that loving or being loved is not possible, but only that interacting with others based on romantic ideals naturally leads to great disappointment.

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