International Careers Seminar & Global Opportunities Fair
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International Careers Seminar & Global Opportunities Fair

April 11, 1997 The 7th Annual International Careers Seminar & Job Fair
Over 1,300 participants from over 245 cities in over 30 states and 60 companies. The event generated an unprecedented $24,000 net revenue.

Off-The-Record Lecture Series

May 8, 1996 The Global Economy
Dr. Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Company, Inc.
April 10, 1995, China-U.S. Relations
H.E. Ambassador Wang Xue Xian, Deputy Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations, The People’s Republic of China Permanent Mission to the United Nations
March 6, 1995, South Africa
H.E. Ambassador Franklin Sonn, Ambassador to the United States, The Republic of South Africa
February 7, 1995, The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing
Honorable Geraldine Ferraro, Managing Partner, Keck Mahin Cate & Koether
January 10, 1995, Latin America
H.E. Ambassador Emilio Cardenas, Permanent Representative of Argentina to the United Nations, Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations.

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Young Professionals Group Events

May 7, 1996 The European Union, co-sponsored with the Graduate Center of CUNY
Jacques Delors , former President, European Union Commission
April 17, 1996 Beer with a Bigshot
Ambassador Guillermo J. McGough , Consul General of Argentina in New York
April 4, 1996 The Communist Comeback in Russia and What it Means. Co-sponsored with the Harriman Institute of Columbia University.
Sergey Ayvazyan , Foreign Policy Advisor to Gennadi Zyuganov, candidate for President and Head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
February 29, 1996  Ethics in Politics Amongst Democracies
Joseph LaPalombara, Arnold Wolfers Professor of Political Science, Yale University
February 22, 1996 Beer with a Bigshot, co-sponsored by the Japan Society
Ambassador Yoshio Karita , Consul General of Japan in New York
January 26, 1996, Great Decisions Discussion Group: “China, Taiwan and Hong Kong” with guest moderator Elizabeth Economy, Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
January 24, 1996, Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics: An Economic and Political Update Implications for Western Investors and Businesses
Dr. Vladimir Kvint, Director of Emerging Markets at Arthur Andersen, 
Dr. Stoyan Ganev, former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria & President of the UN General Assembly.   
December 14, 1995, Beer with a Bigshot, “Post Referendum Canada: What’s Going On?”.  
George Haynal , Consul General of Canada in New York
December 7, 1995, International Terrorism: Understanding Our Increasing Insecurity
Professor Richard Allan, Brooklyn Law School; American Scholar-in-Residence, Institute for East West Studies
Thomas Pickard, Agent in Charge of Terrorism and National Security in NYC, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Jack Holland, author and a writer, the Irish Echo in New York
Dr. Brigette Nacos, adjunct professor, Columbia University.  
November 20, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: “Promoting Democracy” with guest moderator William Colby, Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency..
November 14, 1995, An Update on War Crimes & Human Rights: Monitoring, Accountability & Tribunals
Mark Weitzman, Associate Director of Education & Director of the Task Force Against Hate, Simon Weisenthal Center,
Fionnuala Ni Aolain, Associate Professor of Law, Columbia University Law School
Professor Louis Henkin, Columbia University Law School
October 12, 1995, Beer with a Bigshot, “Germany 1995: 50 Years After W.W.II & Five Years After Reunification”.  Dr. Erhard Holterman , Consul General of Germany in New York
September 25, 1995,  “Bosnia and the Balkans: The Role of the Great Powers”
H.E. Hans van den Broek, Commissioner of External Affairs of the European Union
September 14, 1995, Beer with a Bigshot, “ Mexico’s Financial Recovery & Prospects for Future Investment.  Ambassador Jorge Pinto Mazal , Consul General of Mexico in New York
September 11, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: “Global Finance” with guest moderator Mitchell Hedstron, Vice President, Citibank, N.A..
June 26, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: United Nations @ 50.
June 22, 1995, Beer with a Bigshot.
Hon. Jerzy Surdykowski , Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York
June 8, 1995, A Continent Revisited: What Should the U.S. Invest in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Professor Ravi Kanbur, Chief Economist, Africa Region, World Bank
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Director, Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP.
Professor Nicolas Van de Walle, Overseas Development Council.
Regina Brown, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, U.S. Department of State.
May 30, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
May 17, 1995, France And Germany Vote: Part II.
Professor Martin Schain, Chairman, the Center for European Studies, NYU,
Professor Manfred Kuechler, Professor of Sociology, Hunter College, CUNY.
May 11, 1995,  Nuclear Proliferation: Discussion Panel.
George Bunn, Director, Center for International Security & Arms Control, Stanford University
Stephanie Mills, Nuclear Proliferation Coordinator, GreenPeace.
William Epstein, Former Director, UN Center for Disarmament Affairs.
James Davis, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Columbia University.
May 10, 1995, Beer with a Bigshot I
Hon. Andre Baeyens, Consul General of France in New York
April 27, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: Nuclear Proliferation.
April 20, 1995, UN Peacekeeping & Humanitarian Aid Panel Discussion.
Soren Jessen Petersen, Director, UN High Commissioner for Refugees,
H.E. Ambassador Mario Nobilo, Permanent Representative of Croatia to the UN.
Margaret Carey, Political Officer-Africa Division, UN Department of Peace-keeping Operations.
Professor Stephen Marks, Columbia University Law School and School of International and Public Affairs.
April 6, 1995, On the Road to Beijing: An Agenda for Action
Gertrude Mongella, Secretary General, UN Fourth World Conference on Women.
March 27, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: Russia and Its Neighbors.
March 22, 1995, Two American Diplomats Look at the United Nations From Inside and Out.
Gillian Martin Sorensen, Under-Secretary-General, Special Adviser for Public Policy, UN50 Secretariat.
Ambassador David Birenbaum, US Representative, UN Management & Reform, U.S. Mission to the UN.
February 27, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: The Middle East.
February 22, 1995, The Earth Summit Revisited: A Progress Report
Maurice Strong, Chairman, UN Earth Summit in Rio 1992; CEO & Chairman, Ontario Hydro.
February 2, 1995, Capitalism in Eastern Europe: The Role of the US Peace Corps in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets.
Carol Bellamy, Executive Director, United States Peace Corps.
January 30, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: Global Finance and Markets.
January 19, 1995, From Cairo to Beijing: Taking the Road from the UN Conference on Population & Development to the UN Conference on Women.
Dr. Nafis Sadik, Executive Director, United Nations Population Fund.
December 19, 1995, Great Decisions Discussion Group: Trade and the Pacific Rim.
December 14, 1994, France And Germany Vote: Part I.
Martin Ebbing, Independent German Journalist based in New York
Professor Martin Schain, Chairman, the Center for European Studies, NYU.
December 5, 1994, The Making of Clinton’s Foreign Policy: An Insider’s Perspective.
Steve Simon, Director of Multilateral Affairs, National Security Council.
October 2, 1994, New and Restored Democracies: The Future of the Americas.
His Excellency Ernesto Leal, Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Affairs.
September 22, 1994, Cuba and the United States: Is Their Room for Dialogue?
His Excellency Roberto Robaina Gonzalez, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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The School of International and Public Affairs Student Association Events

Spring 1994, various dates, The Dean's Tea Music Series
Spring 1994, various dates, The Spring Semester International Happy Hour Series
April 22, 1994, The SIPA Annual GALA
April 11th, 1994, The SIPASA Elections Happy Hour
April 11th, 1994, The Frank & Friends Happy Hour 
with special guest lecturer Professor David Dinkins, former Mayor, New York City
March 4th, 1994, The SIPA Follies 1994
February 11, 1994, The Latin Lover's Valentines Weekend

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The Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies Events

May 15, 1993, The "Latins in America" Fiesta Espectacular
May 7, 1993, Reflections on Economic Development: Toward a New Latin American Consensus, co-sponsored with the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America
Enrique V. Iglesias, President, Inter-American Development Bank.
April 27, 1993, The Brazilian Economy Today
Paulo Nogeira Batista, Jr., Economist, Fundacao Getulio Vergas.
April 27, 1993, Peru: Crisis, Terror, Drugs and Human Rights
Luis Felipe Polo, Coordinator, The Human Rights and Drug Trafficking Activities of the Andean Commission of Jurists.
April 21, 1993, The Azores and the Control of the Atlantic: The Role of the U.S. in W.W. I
Antonio Jose Telo, Professor of History, University of Lisbon; Legal  Consultant, British Petroleum.
April 20, 1993, The Myth of Racial Democracy in Brazil
Carlos Verissimo, Co-founder, the Institute for the Support of Destitute Youth and the Journal of the Black Front.
April 8, 1993, Mexico: Economic Change, Petroleum and NAFTA
Emilio Loyaza, Minister of Industry and Energy, Mexico.
April 8, 1993, Development and Civil Strife: El Salvador
Alvaro de Soto, Senior Political Advisor to the Secretary General, United Nations; UN Mediator in the Salvadoran Peace Process.
Graciana del Castillo, Senior Economics Affairs Officer,t he Office of the Secretary General, United Nations; Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics, Columbia University.
April 7, 1993, The Judicial Crisis in El Salvador.
Alma de Hernandez, Participant, 1993 Human Rights Advocates Training Program, Columbia University, Center for Human Rights.
April 6, 1993, Save the Brazilian Rain Forest: Rational Means and Methodology.
Ernani Hickman, Professor of Economics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sol
March 30, 1993, Black Women of Brazil: Muheres Negras.
The Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies Film and Video Series
March 26, 1993, When the Hammer Falls: What the Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union Means for Marxism in Latin America.
Peter Hudis, Writer; Hubert Herring Award Recipient.
March 25, 1993, Guyana's 1992 Elections: Transition to the Past?
Bridget Welsh, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science, Columbia University.
March 23, 1993, What Do Workers Want? Rural Labor and the Struggle for Democracy in Northeast Brazil
Tony Pereira, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, New School for Social Research.
March 22, 1993, Between Religion and Revolution: Christian Based-Communities in the Nicaraguan Revolutionary Process
Eric Canin, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University.
March 11, 1993, Colombia: The Violence Continues
Marc Chernick, Visiting Professor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Research Associate, Institute of Iberian and Latin American Studies, Columbia University.
March 3, 1993, A Business Perspective of Latin America
Steve Geffen, Vice President, Legal and External Relations, IBM Latin America.
February 25, 1993, Internal Conflict in El Salvador: Accountability and International Monitoring
Felipe Michelini, Member, United Nations Truth Commission, El Salvador.
February 25, 1993, Bye Bye Brazil
The Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies Film and Video Series
February 24, 1993, El Salvador: la transicion de la guerra a la paz y los desafios de la reconstruccion nacional.
Raul Benitez Manaut, Professor of International Relations, Universidad Iberoamericana; Investigator, Center of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities, UNAM, Mexico City.
February 19, 1993, The World Peace Party
The School of International and Public Affairs Student Association
February 19, 1993, Women and Reconstruction in El Salvador
Lorena Pena Mendoza, Member, Political Diplomatic Commission, FMLN.
Maria I. Morales Anaya, Organizing Director, Melida Anaya Montes Women's Movement (MAM), El Salvador.
February 18, 1993, Justice in the Jungle: The Interdependence of the Preservation of the Environment and Social Justice in the Amazon.
Zeze Weiss, Executive Director, Amanaka'a, the Amazon Network.
February 11, 1993, The Presidential Succession: Mexico 1994.
Soledad Loaeza, Professor, El Colegio de Mexico; Visiting Tinker Professor, Columbia University.
February 10, 1993, After the Revolution: Social Change and Democratization in Central America.
Carlos Vilas, Professor, UNAM, Mexico; Visiting Tinker Professor, Columbia University.
February 9, 1993, The Image & Presence of the Woman in the Cuban Press.
Lourdes Prado, Tannebaum Fellow, Columbia University.
February 8, 1993, Inequality and New Forms of Popular Representation in Latin America.
Alvaro Diaz, Researcher, SUR Profesionales, Santiago, Chile.
Ana Maria Bejarano, Universisdad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia.
Ana Maria Vidal, Instituto de Democradia y Socialismo, Lima, Peru.
Javier Melgoza, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Iztapalpa, Mexico.
February 3, 1993, Non-profit Franchises? The Trickle Up Program and Microenterprise Development in Ecuador.
Monique Segarra, Graduate Student, Columbia University.
January 29, 1993, Managing Pollution and Population in Mexico City.
Javier Beristain, Deputy Mayor, Mexico City.
January 28, 1993, Plebiscite in Brazil.
L:uiz Pedone, Chair, O Departmento de Cienca Politica e Relacoes Internationais Brasilia-DF-Brasil..
January 27, 1993, On Earth As it is in Heaven: Conflicting Catholicisms in Northeast Brazil.
Robin Nagle, Graduate Student, Columbia University.
January 26, 1993, The Criminal Justice Crisis in Peru.
Luis Felipe Polo Galvez, Coordinator, The Human Rights and Drug Trafficking Activities of the Andean Commission of Jurists.
December 4, 1992, Crisis in Nicaragua.
Jaime Wheelock Roman, Member, National Directorate of the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front).
December 2, 1992, In the Amazon: A Luta dos Seringuieros
Anotnio Macedo, Coordinator, the Peoples of the Forest.
November 24, 1992, Somalia: A Journey Home
Iman, Somalian Fashion Model.  co-sponsored by the Institute of African Studies and the Center for Human Rights.
November 23, 1992, The Nicaraguan Church & the Revolution.
Joseph E. Mulligan, SJ, Writer.
November 23, 1992, Guatemala: The Worst Human Rights Record in Latin America.
Otto Peralta & Chico Perencen, Director and Secretary, Association of University Students, University of San Carlos, Guatemala City.
November 18, 1992, The Media & Mexican Politics.
Barabara Belejack, Knight-Bagehot Fellow, Columbia University School of Journalism.
November 17, 1992, Bienvenido al primer mundo? Reflections on the Current Situation in Chile, Argentina & Uruguay.
Ambassador Roberto Garreton, the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Chile
Martin Weinstein, Professor of Political Science, William Paterson University
Margaret Crahan, Professor, Occidental College; Visiting Scholar, Columbia University
Robert Kaufman, Professor of Political Science, Columbia University.
November 12, 1992, Tinker Summer Field Research Grant: Spanish Literature.
Gina Ann Herman, Graduate Student, Columbia University.
November 11, 1992, Cuba Today.
Santiago Perez, Professor, Center Estudio de America.
November 10, 1992, Tinker Summer Field Research Grant: The Venezuela Crisis.
Ana Maria Bejarano and Steven Leslie, Graduate Students, Columbia University.
October 28, 1992, Tinker Summer Field Research Grant: Coups & Crises in the Caribbean.
Elise Ackerman and Michele Wucker, Graduate Students, Columbia University.
October 26, 1992, Tinker Summer Field Research Grant: Colonialism, Indigenous Elites, Coca & Violence.
David Garrett, Charles Gepp & Joshua Rosenthal, Graduate Students, Columbia University.
October 19, 1992, Tinker Summer Field Research Grant: Reports From Brazil.
Bruce Chadwick, Mary Kenny & Charles Klimicek, Graduate Students, Columbia University.
October 14, 1992, The Quincentennary Series: Indigenous Human Rights.
Marcos Aribal Avirama Avirama, Director, Prodigena Foundation; delegate, Indigenous Territorial Ordering Commission.
October 1, 1992, Latin America and the Caribbean After the Cold War.
Honorable P. J. Patterson, Prime Minister, Jamaica.

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