Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing
Review Date: September 1, 2003

Chronicling the submission process of two books Ginny Good (to be published Spring of 2004 by the Monkfish Book Publishing Company) and Astral Weekend, Gerard Davis (aka G.) has a lot of genuine fun with the big boys of the industry with an on-line directory he is compiling, which claims to be better than other standard print directories. It may very well be. His delightful compendium of who’s who in the literary agent and publishing English-speaking world is not only a great reference, but it is also chock full of experiential (and somewhat experimental) wisdom and real-world entertainment.

Most of those he writes to reply with pat answers, but the reader will clearly benefit by the few who don’t. Their comments offer an insider’s look into what publishers and apparently consumers are looking for, as well as not looking for. Moreover, many express their personal preferences, and thus anyone serious about shopping about their masterpiece will do well to take heed to what idiosyncratically appeals to these prospective buyers.

To the chagrin of my wonderful wife who does not understand my compulsive dedication to writing, but is good enough to support it nonetheless with only a slight grimace and an occasional derisive remark, over the Labor Day Weekend I took a few hours to read and extract all the useful information in Mr. Davis’s Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing (EWA, http://everyonewhosanyone.com). I even sacrificed a few hours of socially prescript and parentally correct time to spend with my boys (My boys! whom I dearly love, and who write for and about on our website: www.ungenio.com) to read all of the US agent and publisher listings. Nonetheless, I felt no shame, considering that ultimately this means serves a better end. A few moments sacrificed now, will merely ensure a better future for all.

Selfishly, I duly considered for a moment not to write a review simply so that I would not be spreading the good word, and thus just adding one more competitor to the list.. Alas, here I am typing away, if only to say “thank you Gerard.”

Overall, G’s effort is quite laudable, and his attitude is all the more splendid.. Applauding his bravery, egocentric-altruism, perseverance, amusing (and bemusing for some) eccentricity, and his commitment to the truth as he sees it, I recommend the site to anyone who cares to have some insight into a small part of what it takes to have something published. Perhaps, he will take it upon himself to equally meticulously document the editing, marketing, lecture trip, press entertaining, paparazzi repelling and fan correspondence someday as well. Surely, all who love to write and who want to be published, if only so that they can devote their lives to simply writing, would benefit.

Even if you are not an aspiring or accomplishing writer, an agent or editor who is looking to be recognized or who responds in an ill-fated attempt not to receive MORE unsolicited manuscripts, or an in-house attorney looking for a way to deter G., everybodywhosanybody..com is a fine relatively short read which conveys a certain joie de vivre which is difficult to find anywhere. Gerard not only believes in himself and his work, but audaciously declares it despite much of the banter and the discouragement of those he solicits. It is beautiful to read and know that someone remains optimistic despite it all.

It is easy to imagine the vivacious and sassy G. as this genuine, wily elder man (i.e. wise old man) who has made peace with himself and the world and simply has made up his mind to enjoy life outside the easy way out, the social script which allows you to complacently get along in life and comfortably get along with everyone. And despite his age, he epitomizes youth with its energy, ideals, willingness to risk and non-complicity.

As such, it is even easier to (make-)believe that G.s most important work will be far from fiction. Rather, it will be a biography of his unconventional and sincere life, one stranger and more delightful than anyone of us will ever have the fortune of having experienced ourselves. This my dear friend will be your true and best-selling magnum opus. All of us need, especially as we become increasingly bored with life, to vicariously live through others via books, television, film, websites and other means of conveying experience and pop-culture. If G. ever fulfills my vision for him, he will likely offer something wholly “different,” and worthy of the time we devote to escaping the ennui.