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By the end of the decade, the public had been worn down by the moral crusade of Eisenhower, J. Edgar Hoover and McCarthy and began to yearn for ways of vicariously venting pent-up frustrations. Not only did movie plots and dialogue become more racy, but books like Lolita and Lady Chatterley's Lover, Anne Sexton and E.E. Cumming's poetry and the radical writing of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Henry Miller all gained popularity. Whereas the Bible's dominance on the best-seller list for the first part of the decade ends in 1954, silver screen sex-kittens like Marilyn Monroe, Brigette Bardot, Jayne Mansfield, and Sophia Loren monopolized the box-office at the end of the decade and into the next. Americans also started traveling in droves to Sin City, Las Vegas, where the denizens of hedonism, the "Rat Pack" were making their mark on stage. Moreover, morality no longer was based on the strict doctrine of the Christian faith, but, as according to a Look Magazine poll on moral attitudes in 1959, morality became relative, based on group approval. In other words, if everyone else was doing it—then it must be okay.


...50 years ago Mr. Sinatra was the first white American pop singer to inject quirky personal feelings and a sense of erotic intimacy into a polished but bland pop crooning tradition. In the mid-1950’s, a more mature Mr. Sinatra re-invented himself and in the process defined the image of the grown-up pop singer as a hip urban sophisticate with a streak romanticism under a swinger’s facade.

...Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin's lucky break came in July of 1946 when he and Jerry Lewis were first billed together in Atlantic City. It was their coincidental meeting on stage in New York a few months earlier that first brought them together as one of the funniest comedy teams the stage has known. With Dean as the straight man and Jerry as the looney sidekick, or as what Lewis has referred to as the "handsome man and the monkey," their first successful night as a comedy act was a result of some subtle encouragement by club owner Paul “Skinny” D’Amato, who gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse; either improve your act 150 % or end up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

...Dean "Dino" Martin

Mr. Entertainment, Sammy Davis Jr., was not only a consummate entertainer like many of his peers, but also courted controversy throughout his career. From his interracial marriage to Mai Brit to his conversion to Judaism to his rebel rousing with the of the Rat Pack , Mr. Candy Man kept himself well positioned in the public eye.

...Sammy Davis, Jr.

"City people smell. If its not the guy who goes to the Chinese laundry where they "dry-clean" with dirty water, so that on any hot and humid day he's a walking advertisement a train car away, its mothball joe and his faithful wife of fifty years, sally, or there's the single immigrant - half-asleep and fresh-off-the-boat or across the border - wage laborer off to one of his construction, delivery-busboy or Korean corner-store inventory restocker-ice chaser-cum flower petal-plucker jobs (married migrants are more often wife-fresh pressed and well starched with a dab of musk or some other thrift cologne)"

Excerpted from Rio Barón,
a 21st Century work-in-progress
...to be continued

"I suspected to have killed him, but his remains did a Hitler on me and could not be found. It was the perfect transition to what would inevitably be a sequel."

.... To Kill a Mosquito

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