Groove Armada's goodbye country
(hello nightclub)
Album Review

goodbye country is a distinct pleasure to listen to. Like the cuts of a DJ in the flow of his art, individually the tracks here allow the listener to blend with the sound. Likewise, the cumulative effect of the album is like the carnal feeling car buffs have after seeing their reflection in the freshly polished chrome bumper of one of their prized obsessions.
The sound engineering on track five, Fogma, is brilliant.
I heard echoes of asceticism in corners of my living room which had no reason to harbor such eerie, yet soothing sounds…maybe it was just the "herbal tea" talking.
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A Letter to a Muse
January 13, 2002

A kiss goodbye, a sigh
the breath of a humming bird
the sacred word and all its splendor
the night's arrival, sweet and tender
illuminating the universe, gibbous moon
a first kiss and the ensuing swoon

A Letter to a Muse is a collection of poetry which written almost entirely in the Fall of 2002, as a letter of introduction to poet and writer I hold in high esteem.

There are 222 poems in this volume. All are illustrated originals created solely by me. The vast majority were written between August and December of 2002.

A Letter to a Muse

Remembering 9.11
Monday, June 10, 2002

The ten-minute traversal in the subterranean passage can be quite eerie if you are awake enough to notice at 7 AM. For everyone is absolutely silent. Even though it is stop and go the entire way there are no horns from other cars, no signs of noise from other vehicles at all other than the quiet hums of their engines. I can't help but think that all the passengers in all the other buses, SUVs, and cars are equally passive and pensive. Surely, half of my fellow commuters are engulfed in apocalyptic thoughts themselves, along with praying, or hoping, or reminiscing, or reminding themselves if they make it out to call and say "I love you" or at least make sure all the necessary policies and payments are paid and prepared. Some may even be scared, but I presume that most are merely resigned to the design of their destiny, just like me, if it is to be.


Enzo & Nicky's Fantastic Journey
Papa’s guided tour through Imagination

Red lights of warning started flashing before me as my parental concern started to churn images of Enzo cutting open animals, or God forbid, experimenting on his brother. So, of course, I did what I usually do to allay may paranoia and recited the latest dictum: "You only dissect frogs when you get much older."

"When I grow up?," you could almost see the slight lift of enthusiasm upon his toes with the soprano rise of the last word of rhetorical inquiry.

"Yes, when you grow up. Then they'll provide you with special frogs—preserved in formaldehyde, for-mal-de-hyde. Repeat after me FOR-MAL-DE-HYDE ," making sure he saw my lips as I reiterated this new word.

He mimicked me with phonetic perfection, and I was very proud. I knew that he may not have grasped what the preservative liquid was, but being able to pronounce it well I thought was the first step towards understanding.

To Eat, Drink and be Merry
Future Chefs Week 2001

However, perhaps more distinguishing from American custom are the rituals supporting the meals themselves in these cul-de-sacs of ethnicity throughout the country. The common threads which still weave first and second generation Americans together with the ancestors who might have immigrated here through Ellis Island or across the southern border include: the simple usage of spice to enhance dishes and perhaps inspire a meandering causerie of memories from the old-country; the chronological extension of meals, thwarting the embattlement of "fast-food" and "to do" lists that might incur upon lingering with loved ones and lengthy and laughter-inducing discussions; the ritual service of repast which allows for one to appreciate and savor each part of the meal; and the acknowledgement—through grace or a clinking of glasses brimming with vino—that every meal is something to be thankful for.


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