• Introduction to Residential Technolgies
  • Several industries are interested in residential connectivity markets, a highly-simplified breakdown of them includes:

    1. Energy/Utilities/Powerline Networking Manufacturers
    2. Telecommunication Service Providers/The Telephone Company/Telephony Line Networking Manufacturers
    3. The Cable Service, Modem, Set-Top Box, Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers & Satellite Companies
    4. Wireless and Infrared Networking Manufacturers
    5. Entertainment Online, Television Broadcasting and Digital Content Providers
    6. PC, Consumer Electronics, Audio/Visual and Software
    7. White Goods Manufacturers
    8. Home and Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Builders, Custom Installers, Retailers
    9. Silicon/Microchip Manufacturers
    10. Financial Analysts/Research Groups/Venture Capitalists/IPO Underwriters

    Home Networking Events

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    A Monthly Column with Lorenzo D. Domínguez

    Residential Connectivity and Convergence:

    The Office Comes Home or How Home Networking Stocks

    Will Make You Richer in the Year 2000


    "The "emerging" home networking market model is somewhat similar to a "pyramid".

    At the base of it are the underlying technology providers such as Tut or Epigram or Proxim, etc. On top of that is the silicon guys, who integrate the technology into "cost effective" silicon systems for a targeted price point. The silicon is similar to the building blocks in the system. Other layer of the pyramid are the "Gear"; the 3Coms and Diamonds of the world. Next is consumer electronics, then software, and finally applications. There is a reason that as a chip maker I am so involved in HomePNA at the current capacity. And that is the fact that consumer connectivity is extremely important to all the silicon guys including AMD, Intel, TI, Motorola, etc. Therefore, it is crucial for your audience to hear that strategies and commitments of such companies to provide these "blocks" so that end users can ultimately pay less than $50 per node."

    ~ Cyrus Namazi, Chairman, Home PNA ; Product Marketing Manager, Network Product Division, AMD

    The Companies

    • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
    • Intel
    • Broadcom
    • Texas Instruments
    • Conexant
    • Epigram





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