• Introduction to Residential Technolgies
  • Several industries are interested in residential connectivity markets, a highly-simplified breakdown of them includes:

    1. Energy/Utilities/Powerline Networking Manufacturers
    2. Telecommunication Service Providers/The Telephone Company/Telephony Line Networking Manufacturers
    3. The Cable Service, Modem, Set-Top Box, Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers & Satellite Companies
    4. Wireless and Infrared Networking Manufacturers
    5. Entertainment Online, Television Broadcasting and Digital Content Providers
    6. PC, Consumer Electronics, Audio/Visual and Software
    7. White Goods Manufacturers
    8. Home and Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Builders, Custom Installers, Retailers
    9. Silicon/Microchip Manufacturers
    10. Financial Analysts/Research Groups/Venture Capitalists/IPO Underwriters

    Home Networking Events

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    A Monthly Column with Lorenzo D. Domínguez

    Residential Connectivity and Convergence:

    The Office Comes Home or How Home Networking Stocks

    Will Make You Richer in the Year 2000


    Quite simply put, home networking technologies and services are the next area of hot technology stocks, which is why the financial community and major research organizations are very interested.


    • Cahners In-Stat Group
    • DataQuest (Gartner Group)
    • Digital Hollywood
    • Forrester Research
    • Greenfield Consulting Group, Inc.
    • IDC (International Data Corporation)
    • Institute of International Research (IIR)

    September 13-14, 1999, IIR's North American Summit Power Line Telecommunications, Scotsdale, AZ. They have planned a golf outing and the agenda places a particular emphasis on home networking. IIR's event was organized in conjunction with the International Power Line Forum, which according to Craig McCallister, the director of the home networking division Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and a HomeNET moderator, is an energy lobbyist group. EPRI on the other hand is the premier energy industry association with 700 company members worldwide. I am confident that I can convince Craig to conduct a half-day workshop on Power Line Home Networking.

    • International Communications for Management (ICM) (HomeNET conferences)
    • Merril Lynch
    • MIT/Stanford Research Lab
    • Parks Associates

    Oct 25-27, 1999, Parks Associates' Forum 99: Defining the Digital Millennium, the 12th annual conference on emerging technologies and services. (co-located with EIA Fall Conference and CEMA Management Forum), The Westin Mission Hills, Palm Springs, California. (

    CONNECTIONS ’99: Enabling the Networked Home, was held May 12-14 in Vancouver, B.C. The conference attracted approximately 300 representatives from a variety of industries, including energy services, computer hardware and software development and manufacturing, telecommunications, wiring, home security, and cable. Although their event has passed, they are planning their fourth annual and have expressed some disgruntlement with us. In other words, they have an axe to grind.

    • Upside’s Digital Living Room
    • The Yankee Group

    October 19-20, 1999, Yankee Group's The 2nd Networked Home Symposium, The Marriott Hotel, Santa Clara. Their January 1999 event garnered a reported 300 delegates. And being perhaps the premier analyst group in IT and telecommunications, they will be prepared to take part of our market.

    Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firms, IPO Underwriters and Other Tech Investors

    • ABN-AMRO (RadioLAN)
    • Accel Partners (2Wire)
    • Apex Investment. (Tut Systems)
    • APV Technology Partners, (ShareWave)
    • AT&T Ventures (Tut Systems)
    • Dain Rauscher Wessels (Tut Systems)
    • Draper Fisher Jurvetson (RadioLAN)
    • Draper Richards, L.P., (ShareWave)
    • First Analysis Corporation(Tut Systems)
    • Highland Capital Partners (RadioLAN)
    • Investment Advisers Inc. (Tut Systems)
    • Lehman Brothers (Tut Systems)
    • Oak Investment Partners(2Wire)
    • Salomon Smith Barney (RadioLAN, Tut Systems)
    • Sequoia Capital Partners (RadioLAN)
    • SOFTBANK Technology Ventures (ShareWave)
    • Spectrum Equity Investors (Tut Systems)
    • TL Ventures (RadioLAN)
    • Vanguard Venture Partners (Tut Systems)
    • Venrock Associates (2Wire)
    • Vulcan Ventures, Inc., (ShareWave)





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