• Introduction to Residential Technolgies
  • Several industries are interested in residential connectivity markets, a highly-simplified breakdown of them includes:

    1. Energy/Utilities/Powerline Networking Manufacturers
    2. Telecommunication Service Providers/The Telephone Company/Telephony Line Networking Manufacturers
    3. The Cable Service, Modem, Set-Top Box, Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers & Satellite Companies
    4. Wireless and Infrared Networking Manufacturers
    5. Entertainment Online, Television Broadcasting and Digital Content Providers
    6. PC, Consumer Electronics, Audio/Visual and Software
    7. White Goods Manufacturers
    8. Home and Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Builders, Custom Installers, Retailers
    9. Silicon/Microchip Manufacturers
    10. Financial Analysts/Research Groups/Venture Capitalists/IPO Underwriters

    Home Networking Events

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    Residential Connectivity and Convergence:

    The Office Comes Home or How Home Networking Stocks

    Will Make You Richer in the Year 2000


    Structured wiring, Cat5, residential gateways, retrofitting are all areas of home networking which home and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) construction companies are interested in exploring.

    Somewhat contrary to all the other touted networking technologies, home builders and wiring installers continue to used advanced Ethernet or "structured wiring," as it is more commonly referred to in this industry. It is contrary because it employs "new wires," all the other technologies are doing their best to provide "no new wires."

    Major Supporting Technology Standard Working Group/Industry Alliance Association:

    • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
    • Building Owners and Managers Association
    • Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)
      The Continental Automated Buildings Association serves the automation, utility, telecommunications, entertainment and related industries involved in both commercial and residential structures.
    • Custom Electronic Design &Installation Association (CEDIA)
      The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association--a group of manufacturers and dealers that promotes the professionalism and practicality of custom-installed electronic systems, including entertainment, automation, security, telecommunications, lighting control, motorized equipment, whole-house cabling and related products.

    The HAA is an alliance of manufacturers, dealers and technology developers focused on the development and proliferation of integrated home systems, including automation, structured wiring, communications networks and various subsystems such as lighting control, entertainment, telecommunications and security.


    • Access Control & Security Systems Integration Magazine

    The Companies

    • 2Wire
    • Honeywell
    • IBM Home Director
    • Lucent
    • OnQ Technologies

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