25 Lessons I Have Learned
34. Photographing Strangers

I surmise that there are essentially five steps to overcoming the fear of taking fotos of strangers:

1. Smile back, when they smile at you. And certainly donít hesitate to smile first, it conveys a sense of innocence and innocuous intention.

2. If you sense discomfort on their part, pretend you are taking a photo of something behind them, and keep shooting until they pass.

3. Exude confidence, confidence, confidence. Nothing gets one in trouble more than a weak front, a faÁade of fear that emotes or evokes concern unnecessary. Donít look as if you are doing something wrong, because they would likely not perceive that as long as you donít lead the witness.

4. Fear not, for fear itself is often a far greater threat than the reality of danger.

5. AndÖbe prepared to duck, run or talk you way out of it...if those other suggestions donít do the trick for you!

*an amazing example: Andreas W...'s reading the script he thought it might be better to concentrate on the reading only

*please note: the photographer and the photograph cited do not necessarily reflect the views of the lesson or any other random thoughts of the writer.

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