25 More Lessons (I've) Learned
31. Look Thrice

Intuition speaks wonders, especially when it talks to you in a language that you do not immediately comprehend. For quite often we see something and do not instantly understand why it is alluring to us, and so most of the time we just keep on walking by.

Occasionally, we take a second look, but even then, your consciousness might not be able to dig deep enough into unconsciousness to grab onto cognizance and link it together with that bewitching twinkle in the corner of your eye.

Thus, it is only when we look thrice that it all comes together and you perceive what it is that so beguiles you. And if even then, if you still can’t grasp the wherefore that has given you pause—take the photo anyway…for quite often it is only while editing that you see what it is that had locked you in in the first place.

*a mesmerzing example: alteredNate's Little Worlds

*please note: the photographer and the photograph cited do not necessarily reflect the views of the lesson or any other random thoughts of the writer.

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