25 More Lessons (I've) Learned
26. Know Your Place in the Sun

Or rather position in the sun and where the sun is positioned. Much like the importance of being conscious of your source of light, knowing where the sun itself lies is as important because it determines when and where light shines down on you and your subjects.

Once you become conscious of the sine qua non of photography youíll take a lot less bad photos. Just because you can see your subject well as the sun shines behind it, it does not mean that your camera blocks out the glare as your eyes do. Experiment.

Donít hesitate to move around, over, and under your subject in order to draw out better shading, contrasts of white light and bold color, or detail which light or shadows might otherwise cover up.

Now that summer is upon us, this principle has become increasingly important for Iíve realized that the sunís seasonal position readily determines the kinds of photos I take. For in the winter and late fall my fotos tend to focus on snow and night; in the spring and early fall the things seems to be taking pictures at twilight; and thus during the summer bright light ends up being a significant determinant.

Itís higher position also means that the glare is much stronger and discourages photowalks westward, as I usually do after work.

*a shining example: slight clutter's Icarus...

*please note: the photographer and the photograph cited do not necessarily reflect the views of the lesson or any other random thoughts of the writer.

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