25 Lessons I Have Learned
24. Experiment (with The Third Eye)

Constantly challenge yourself and test your limits.

If something new doesn’t work for you after all, well, you can always simply chuck the idea and trash the photos.

Moreover, it is equally valuable to have learned from such mistakes, so that you do not waste time making them again in the future as you continue to improve your skills.

New perspectives are often the most rewarding, because they allow you to renew the old, appreciate anew what is often overlooked or taken for granted by others.

So, venture out into the wild, go where you’ve never thought of going to photograph that same old street you promenade down every day on your way to and from work—climb to a rooftop, go down an alleyway, stop at a corner and watch others walk down the rue.

Or simply hold your camera up high or place it down low, on the ground even—just find a new and exciting and different way of seeing the world with this wonderful third eye of yours.

*an iridescent example: josef.stuefer's dance of colors

*please note: the photographer and the photograph cited do not necessarily reflect the views of the lesson or any other random thoughts of the writer.

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