25 Lessons I Have Learned
3. Use Your Imagination

Perhaps the greatest lesson my father ever impressed upon me was “Use You Imagination.” He had those very same words posted in his factory for thirty years, and it was the first thing that his employees saw every morning when they sauntered in each morning.

Thus, that is why I believe that whether you’re making furniture or taking pictures, using your imagination is critical to success, crucial to making the most of what you’ve already got, and key to making what is good into something great.

For using your imagination allows you to move beyond the singular moment and into the infinite realm of possibility.

It prods you into questioning the limits—can this moment merely be a scene of a whole series? Is there a story to tell here? Can this exciting moment be part of a grander adventure? What narrative can I contribute to these photos to help viewers share the experience with me? What enlightenment might I gain in the process that I can convey to others? Or is the photo one that is better left alone, one which is best left without words, one which allows others to use their imagination?

*a brilliant example: scintillantsogno's Afterglow

*please note: the photographer and the photograph cited do not necessarily reflect the views of the lesson or any other random thoughts of the writer.

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