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Lorenzo D. Domínguez, Photographer

Change Color photos to Black & White to Sepia to Echo!

Convert Color Photos

to Black & White

or Sepia

or Eccchooo eFotos:
Digital Photography Services

Digital Still and Portrait Photography

Digital Video Collage Services

Personal Homepage, Small Business Website and Commercial Internet Site Design

Online Photo Album Set-up


* Convert photos for on-line personal ads

* Send newborn, wedding, and holiday photos to friends and family by e-mail

* Add personal photos to your personal homepage

* Show off product, staff and logos to prospective customers on your company website!

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Digital Photography Services

Event Photography

Yes! Now you can have your event digitally photographed and posted to the Internet for the world to see.

We provide reliable, professional and high quality digital still, video and portrait photography services within New York City. Within a weeks' time we can post photos to the Web for free of your wedding, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, holiday party, birthday bash, IPO, family reunion.

Along with the posting of 100 photos free to your own personal web page we'll send your digitally formatted photos via e-mail for you to send to family and friends around the world.


$200 for 100 photos in digital format. Please note we do not print photos. 4 hour minimum labor charge @ $25 an hour. Travel time is considered labor time. Please call (718) 788-3930 for details and availability.