25 Points of Creativity
23. Love, Be Positive, Give Freely

Love is a great conspirator with creativity. When you love someone or something (photography for instance) you are naturally motivated to create and be creative.

One of our basic needs beyond sheer survival is the need to express ourselves as individuals. When we follow our idiosyncratic sentiments and proclivities via creativity we give credence and form to our feral emotions.

When we donít love we are apt to be defensive, holed up in the past and isolated away from the possibilities that lie outside the fortress of hate, envy, jealousy, frustration, apathy and emptiness.

Hence, when creating it is best to create work that is complimentary or complementary, rather than anything that comes off as a complaint. I suppose protest art and satire have their place and time, but I would urge everyone to err on the brigther side if possible, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative as the old Arlen and Mercer song goes.

In this vein, you're likely to get people gravitating toward you, trusting and in turn being more willing to be open with you and interested in your work. And as a result their interest often leads to input that leads to inspiration, and you can't beat that!


Creativity in and of itself is an expression of freedom. Creativity is the freedom to think as an individual, freedom to feel as we please, freedom to be what we will, and the freedom to express ourselves via our idiosyncrasies.

In turn, it is best never to expect anything in return for what you do. Be grateful that you have been inspired to create. When you start building tit for tats, you begin eroding the gossamer fabric that holds pure creativity together. Just love what you do and let that be your reward.

If you love what you do and it shows, others will recognize that and likely likewise appreciate what you do.

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