25 Points of Creativity
22. Stillness

Periods of inactivity and stillness are crucial to creativity.

Iíve read and experienced over and over and over again that some of the best ideas come while we are at rest or when we are least prepared to capture them readily (e.g. while running or taking a shower).

I surmise that what happens is that the driving mechanism of the creative mind becomes restless and begins to churn ideas when it feels as if nothing is happening.

It also may be that at rest our neurons begin to touch and merge, lapping over like branches of adjacent trees. Whereas, while we are in the midst of intentional and fierce activity, our cranial fingers sprout out on their own, simply vying to take root in the mental landscape in the initial stages of growth. Then when we exhaust and repose, the real growth occurs as the deluge of our labor begins to overflow and the levies of our consciousness burst open.

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