25 Points of Creativity
21. Make the Connections

You may have heard there is a new thing going on over the ether, over the wire, over the silky strands of the World Wide Web.

The internet is quickly moving into phase deux of its evolution, as computer engineers moving at the speed of light are taking advantage of its inherent infinite realm of possibilities by building new applications that create deeper layers of knowledge and connectedness.

I believe that phase III could merely mean connecting this Internet 2 with what I see is Internet 3, the mind. Just imagine the power we will harness when our minds become portals into cyberspaceI Of course, the Wachowski Brothers all but explored that fantastic world when they created the movie The Matrix.

And by following the same path they followed in order to create their story, that is using their imagination, we can do much the same. Because our minds are awesome, underutilized and endless wells of information and understanding about the world. Most of the connections we make however are so far removed from consciousness, because we make them via rote experience or blind acceptance, that we miss the opportunity to create reality (i.e. be creative) for ourselves. It is when we become aware that we have that associative power that we enable ourselves to create.

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