25 Points of Creativity
20. Celebrate Your Self

Why do we wish? Why do we covet and pine when we possess many more sources of divine pleasure and happiness and satisfaction than we can experience or appreciate at any given time?

I was looking at a remarkable new little self-published magazine this morning and as I skimmed through the articles and photologs I came across a piece that piqued me. And I thought, “I wish I could do that.” But then in frazzled afterthought I remembered, “But I have done that before!” and I realized how easy it is to forget about the wonderful lives we already lead when we are mislead by desire, by the fire of the here and now that burns away the memory of all that has come before and all that lies ahead.

Point is, not only do I find that we overlook so many beautiful things in passing as we go about our lives, running to work, running back home, hurrying-scurrying-frantically worrying about getting to this and that place on time, but just as importantly we forget to appreciate all that we have already seen, all that we did notice, all that occurred and made us happy, but the joy of which has all-but blurred over time.

It is the total awareness of time, whether or not you believe that we exist in “time” itself, that contributes and hones a fundamental primer for creativity. Because by reminding oneself of how wonderful your life is because of how wonderful it has been, that is that was has to precede is before is can really be, than we have a whole-life perspective. Now when we mix in our imagination with this awareness, we are essentially taking time as we knew it and blending it with what we fathom as the world of future possibilities. Then when we act upon the results you get creativity. Hopefully, that makes sense. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, I can barely understand it myself.

But what I would like to add is that by celebrating ourselves, celebrating our own accomplishments, regardless of how big or small they are (i.e. I lived another day), rather than desiring that our lives be like those of others, we tap into a wonderful pool of ever evolving creativity.

Life itself is always in the process of creating and by taking a closer look via our closest conduit to the actual existential experience that is, by being aware of ourselves, it is unthinkable that one will not ultimately be inspired to create as life creates themselves.

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