25 Points of Creativity
17. Mind the Mind (Our Brains Are Beautiful)

I love to study the mind, for our brains are simply these utterly beautiful, amazing enigmas well worth exploring.

However, having greater interest or insight into how we think should not be limited to those working in the fields of psychology and/or marketing. Essentially anyone interested in tapping the power of the imagination and the wonderful force of creativity that pervades our lives needs to make an effort to comprehend how we actually those things. Without question, a greater understanding of how we think and make associations enables us to be better at the art of creation itself.

Moreover, it is incredibly fascinating to follow the roots of one’s thoughts, to figure out why or why not things come to mind. Words themselves are but simplifications of complex thoughts, and thus the etymological expedition often proves to be a fantastic journey into ourselves. It is amazing how many hidden motivations and neuroses and eccentricities lie in between the furls of what we say. Just imagine how much rich material goes underutilized simply because it has not been uttered. Creativity works to take advantage of that…

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