25 Points of Creativity
16. Life is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, Life in Amazing!

Sometimes I think life will drive me to sheer madness, for everywhere I look there is something exciting to see, to hear, to touch and to feel.

This morning it was an empty red container which had caught the AM light just right and blended in complementarily with the grimy sidewalk and the splattered polka dots of black gum.

I wanted to take a picture of the gritty splendor, but held back and kept on walking.

I had taken about 400 photos over the last two nights, and have about a thousand more awaiting my attention. So, I had to put a plug in it.

Alas, a block later I gave in and couldnít resist taking a picture of a trash bin and construction site. For there, at the corner of my eye, flashed another aesthetic masterpiece, if only for me.

Point is, that if you allow yourself to see life and your environment for what they truly are (i.e. amazingly beautiful things), you canít help but be inspired and likewise yearn to express your heartfelt admiration via creative activity.

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