25 Points of Creativity
15. A Moment in Time


The Power of Now.

Living in and for the moment, moment by moment.

There are so many ways of saying it, but there is a certain quality we lose once we begin trying to making a meaning out of life. We start artificially creating meaning out of intagible parts of our experience, quite often from a great distance as well (i.e. the past and or future).

As a result we create a multitude of problems for ourselves because the anachronistic ideals mismatch the reality of the present that we otherwise experience. It's either the Good Ol' Days or A Better Tomorrow, and either way we sometimes lose the proper perspective on life.

It so happens that the best time for creativity takes place Now! Not when I have the right brush or software or camera or paint. Not when you have time, because you'll never have time unless you make time. Not when you're talented enough that everyone will recognize your genius. No, not then, not whenever, not never. It is now, now, now!

Everything you need to be creative is already available to you. For your greatest resource, your greatest source of talent and inspiration, your best tools lie square in the middle of that spongy grey mass between your ears.

Do you hear me?

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