25 Points of Creativity
13. Experiment With Your Senses

Creativity is essentially the manifestation of the experience we have in an altered state. That is, looking at things differently, allowing things to unfold organically and out of your control, and subsequently taking that to create something different, novel or new.

To achieve this we need to first alter our minds before we can effectively change anything outside ourselves.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of solitude and reflection, introspection or a projection into the future via our imagination. At other times however, we might seek a little help from our friends and external forces that stimulate our sense and enable, encourage and move us toward seeing the world in a different manner.

For some, this might simply mean forcing yourself to try new things (i.e. fried shrimp heads with their eyes attached – not bad if focus on how crunchy they are). For others it might mean experimenting with drugs, with sex, or with anything usually considered taboo.

Regardless of the means one chooses, if you are conscious of the subconscious state you are moving toward during the experience, you can readily use what you learn to be creative.

Risky substances and behavior do not necessarily have to lead to peril as long as you do not abuse your senses because you are seeking a way to escape the ennui or frustration of our lives. They can enlighten and entertain and inspire with tapered use, you just have to be extremely conscious of what you are doing and be willing to come back (from that altered state).

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