25 Points of Creativity
12. Step on Through The Dark Side

Go where you have never gone before, go where you are most afraid of going, go to sleep knowing the closet door is open, indulge in your favorite vice, don’t play nice (for once), be late (often), love openly without expectation – without regret, forgive and forget – and then document your experience by whatever creative means and medium that you call your own.

If anything, this might also mean simply trying a new creative medium.

In other words, challenge yourself to go beyond your limits, to learn something new, to be adventurous, to take risks. But just remember – always where good running shoes.

For by doing what you fear doing, especially if you’ve always wanted to do it, try it, or simply know what it would be like, you pike, pique and spike the punch of your experience. In turn, you significantly expand your realm of creative inputs, influences and inspiration.

Moreover, I guarantee that you’ll also likely find yourself eventually (if not immediately) yearning for more adventure. For after surviving unscathed that jump and jive, that deep-sea dive into the murky waters of trepidation, you’ll find yourself in entire different world, life will be more wonderful than ever if only because you’ve allowed yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

"But the higher a man mounts, the greater may be his fall; all genius is a conquering of chaos, mystery, and darkness, and if it degenerates and goes to pieces, the ruin is greater in proportion to the success. The genius which runs to madness is no longer genius; it has chosen happiness instead of morality. All madness is the outcome of the insupportability of suffering attached to all consciousness." ~ Otto Weininger

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