25 Points of Creativity
07. Go With the Flow (Be Inspired By Others)

When somebody offers a suggestion, a recommendation or a bit of advice you can almost count on it being worth your time and attention.

Unfortunately, some of the times, for some of us, our egos are liable to get in the way and we either shrug off the suggestion because we have “more important” things to do or erroneously feel that this person could not possibly help us in anyway.

This is especially true if people are reacting to your creativity, because they are responding to the essence of your work (and usually not in their self-interest). In turn, where ever they are directing you to will likely either reflect your style, inspire you to do something different or encourage you to continue exactly as you were doing.

And gladly I must report that as a result of this disposition, I have been enlightened and inspired countless times simply because I acted immediately upon the recommendations of others.

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