25 Points of Creativity
04. Break Free of the Ego

Being creative often means breaking free of that which previously (heretonow) defines The Self.

It often means breaking free of the compulsion to obstinately cling to those things that you feel define your life and give it meaning. It means being open to new ideas which may counter your understanding of the world, which may make you feel really-really small and therefore insignificant. Being creative means letting go in order to embrace the flow and power and presence of all the wonderful things and people and opportunities that lie outside of the self; a self that is often driven by greed, desire, and the fear of being left behind or not being loved or disappearing from the face of the earth because no one recognizes you because you have not artificially attached yourself to some purpose, name, status, or social symbol of artificial significance.

Being creative means consciously being lost to the moment, to the flashing-beeping-humming-rrrrring-glimmering-simmering and every other shimmering, bewitching sparkle of sound, light and flurry. Being creative means giving your Self up to life, because With Life We Are One.

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